Love My Career

March 28th, 2016

Working in the Nottingham escorts service has been a blessing for me for many years. Neither of my parents actually know where I work and they would never think that my career is being an escort. It has worked out really great for me for a couple of reasons. I do not want or can even think of have a serious relationship with my job. In the past I have tried and it just turns in to a jealous boyfriend that ends up stalking me.

Another reason is that I have the freedom to work flexible hours and still have time for myself. I have a decent list of companions that are great to me and they allow my income to let me live very comfortable. This is a great tool for me because nobody can try to control me and how I live my life. I love to please my clients and will continue to make them happy for many years to come!

An Off Day

March 1st, 2016

What a day it has been so far! I have come down with some type of stomach virus that has completely wiped me off my feet. The most aggravating part about all of this is that my husband had the nerve to ask me if I wanna fuck? What never! All other days of the month he wants nothing to do with me physically. But when I am sick, he is right there at my side asking if I want to head towards the bedroom with him. It has to be a joke, right? I figured men would be the ones to want it every single day of the week, but not in my husband’s case. He only wants it when I am not in the mood for it or I am sick. I keep secretly hoping to myself that there are other women out there going through this same exact problem.

Loose end

February 23rd, 2016

I’ve rang round all of my friends, apart from Jenny, to find out what they have got planned for the weekend in the hope that at least one of them will be free to go with me to the new nightclub that has just opened up in town. My work colleague Sue is not feeling very well; I think she has a touch of flu. Sandra, my ex’s sister, has a arranged to go on a blind date, and Sally, who works for an agency, is going to an all night party with three other Newcastle escorts, so it looks as though I’m at a lose end unless I can persuade Jane to come with me. The problem with her is her husband. He’s very jealous and doesn’t like her going out without him so I’m not holding out much hope.  Then again he could pick up a new hobby and take a dis-interest in things like this.

Quickly Pay Off Student Loans

February 19th, 2016

Being a recent graduate, you probably have some kind of college loan to pay of like many. You most likely carry some sort of beauty that is admired by others, so why not use that to your advantage to help you pay off your student debts. Getting a job as an escort will help you pay off your student loan a lot quicker than having to find an office job and wasting time in interviewing. You can be making money rather than spending on transportation fees and HOPE for a real job!

There is no harm in finding a quick way out of your problems. You will save years of stress and money that you have to waste on student loan interests. Save yourself now without burdening your family. Look into becoming one of the Leicester escorts !

My Two Week Vacation

February 12th, 2016

This summer is coming up so quick and I am not sure I am ready to go on vacation quite yet. I still haven’t found a house sitter, let alone someone to take my dogs. I also need to book a spot with Nottingham escort agency and the limo service. I feel like I am so far behind and there is nothing to do to make me go faster. I did not think I would be this busy at work at this point in time, so it is slowing me down horribly. I am going to see if my boss will ease up a little but and allow me to have a couple days off to prepare for my two week vacation. I do not know how well it will go over but it is definitely worth a try. I will be crossing my finger.

Where’d You Go?

September 4th, 2015

I just got home from having dinner at my neighbors and I am having the worst time trying to get my daughter to bed now. Normally she goes to bed a certain time every night, but tonight she was around a group of people and it has wound her up. The person who got her hyper was actually my old fuck buddy. It was cute to see him with my daughter; he was so great with her. They danced, played ball and even ran around the yard playing tag. Although we have never been anything but buddies, I have a feeling that it will all change now that we are around each other again. I think it has honestly been four years since we last got together. To me that is four years too long. I always looked forward to our visits and not having them has not given me a whole lot to look forward to.

The Perfect Partner

June 21st, 2015

Just like that my entire life changed last weekend. I made the decision to go out with my lady friends for a couple of drinks last Friday and something I least expected happened. I found the perfect guy! For once I gained enough confidence to ask someone if they wanted a fuck buddy Manchester and when I did he took the offer and hasn’t left my side since. Although I was not looking for anything serious, I have grown fond of his company and I am not quite sure I am ever going to want to give him up. Not only does he actually care for my well-being, but he also has a smile that melts your heart. Never have I ever been with someone with this many great qualities and I feel like the luckiest woman on the earth.

A Bad Way To Wake Up

April 30th, 2015

Well I knew the time would come where I lost everything, but I didn’t know it would happen like this. I honestly do not remember much of what happened. I just remember waking up this morning and having my wife screaming in my face and crying. Apparently she looked through my phone and discovered that I had had casual sex London with a woman from the bar last night. I had not known until she told me. I just remember being with the boys having some beers and jamming out to a local cover band. I guess some where throughout the evening somebody convinced me to taking a few shots. That is the only logical explanation for this. I told her over and over I was sorry and didn’t remember but she did not care. I swear I would never do something like that with a sober mind, but I get those words probably wouldn’t matter now anyways.