Sporty Looking Car

May 22nd, 2015

Every couple of years I get the itch in the summer time to buy a new car, my wife can not stand it. She should be happy because I give her my newer vehicle and she can sell the one that she was driving, including keeping the cash when it is sold.

I always come home with some sporty looking car and it has to have a sunroof, if not I will not buy it. The cars that I purchase definitely will attract women of all kinds and I love it. My wife knows it and she gets so upset with me, especially when we are driving together.

She works midnights every other week and when she is not home I like to go out and play. I usually pick up an Birmingham escorts companion and hang out with her the entire night clubbing it up. If my wife found out, she would be on her way to filing for divorce!

A Spectacular Night Out

May 5th, 2015

Leeds escort agency gave me the best gift ever last night. I had called them the day before to book an escort for last night and they had to of gave me the most handsome man they had. Not only was he handsome, but he had the ideal personality and knew exactly what to say to me to keep me blushing. I showed him how to get wild in Leeds and what it was like to truly let loose. The night flew by rather quickly and before I knew it all the bars and clubs were closing. But thankfully I had a bottle of scotch sitting in the freezer at my hotel. The two of us took a taxi back to my room to indulge in shots of old scotch and someone on one time together. The evening was perfect and I can totally foresee myself calling the agency next year when I come to Leeds again.

A Bad Way To Wake Up

April 30th, 2015

Well I knew the time would come where I lost everything, but I didn’t know it would happen like this. I honestly do not remember much of what happened. I just remember waking up this morning and having my wife screaming in my face and crying. Apparently she looked through my phone and discovered that I had had casual sex London with a woman from the bar last night. I had not known until she told me. I just remember being with the boys having some beers and jamming out to a local cover band. I guess some where throughout the evening somebody convinced me to taking a few shots. That is the only logical explanation for this. I told her over and over I was sorry and didn’t remember but she did not care. I swear I would never do something like that with a sober mind, but I get those words probably wouldn’t matter now anyways.

Jackpot Dreams

March 20th, 2015

I think everybody, no matter who they are, thinks about what they would do if they won a million pounds playing Lotto.  Sometimes I can daydream for hours about where I would go on holiday, where I would buy a new house, who I would share my win with. The list of things that I would like to do is endless. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sail but have never been able to afford the lessons. I’ve always wanted to spend a night with one of the beautiful Surrey escorts that advertise on the Internet but have never had the sort of money that they ask for. I’d love to have a wardrobe full of expensive designer clothes but end up buying mine in charity shops. Maybe this weekend I will be lucky ad my numbers will come up.